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What our schools and kids say about us...

Steve is an inspirational Forest School leader, engaging children from Reception age to Year 6 in all manner of activities: from creating beautiful natural art pieces to learning personal survival skills through group activities which support teamwork and well-being. Sessions are tailor-made to suit the group and their needs, maximising the use of the forest and all it has to offer whilst lesson plan feedback assists teacher assessment for National Curriculum skills too. 

One particular Friday afternoon , Bette was literally a different child after 3 hours with Steve’s gang in Chelwood Forest. From her 1 o’clock listless, wary self, she came charging into the house, awakened to her power and bursting with confidence, telling me how she’d made fire, made a raft out of twigs, climbed trees, found a huge caterpillar and fished in the stream. That’s serious fun; shouldn’t every child experience these natural pleasures in a safe environment ?

Forest School is my favorite part of school and I’m so much more interested in nature now

Thomas – Pupil Aged 9

I would say to any local parent, give yourself and your child a wonderful gift and sign them up!

Christine Rose – Parent

Steve is a charismatic and creative Forest School Leader. He provides far more than exciting, fun activities and new skills for the children; in his calm and nurturing way, he establishes a connection and respect for Nature that is missing in the lives of so many children today. For many children, this creates both an enriching and entirely new dimension to their life. When the children complete their sessions, you can see on their faces that they have had a profoundly satisfying experience which impacts on their mental and physical well-being, and makes them more confident, resilient individuals who are able to better meet the challenges they meet. I believe Forest School (and Steve’s in particular) is the antidote and answer to almost all the problems that children experience today and that it should play a central role in our educational provision for all.

Gill Pedersen – Headteacher Handcross Primary School

Thank you Steve for you amazing organisation and adaptability. Your being a teacher clearly showed in your ability to develop a positive relationship with the pupils and your ability to support our current curriculum. All pupils, without exception, thoroughly enjoyed their experience and you have created memories that I have no doubt, will remain with them as they transfer to secondary school.

Karen White, Year 6 Class Teacher, Bookerhill Primary School

I have been very impressed to see how well the children responded to learning in the natural environment, managing risks safely, collaborating with others and demonstrating resilience. How visible the growth of learning in terms of character skills has been in each session.

Thank you Steve for this wonderful opportunity.

Mrs Joanne Robertson – Head Teacher, Bookerhill Primary School

As a teacher I have found the whole journey amazing, the first session I honestly hated the amount of freedom we had to give them. But after realising that the children were safe and seeing their enjoyment was profound, I would strongly recommend Forest Schools as it allows all children to flourish. It also allows the children who can struggle to focus in a regimented classroom environment exceed. – The children who display negative behaviour patterns in class, often are extremely well behaved because they are engaging in activities which are achievable from them; thus allowing their feeling of worth and self belief increase.

Kirsty Webb – Year 3 Class Teacher

Chiltern Gate School are very pleased with the quality and delivery of the Forest School programme – the children are making exceptional progress.

Angela O’Rourke – Head Teacher