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What we do


Forest School in curriculum time

We plan and deliver Forest School Sessions to all primary school age groups and lower years secondary groups, in a local woodland setting or in an appropriate setting within the school grounds. All required safety equipment and procedures, resources and materials are provided for.

Images, above left and above, reproduced with kind permission of Kindling Play and training

What does a typical Forest School Series of sessions look like?

  • Sessions will always be run by a Level 3 trained Forest School Practitioner.
    A minimum of 6 sessions – preferably longer – (the children need time and space to reap the benefits)
  • ‘Whole’ morning or afternoon – (normal session length 2 ½ – 3 hours – including getting to/from site)
  • Sessions are planned based upon children’s motivations, interests, needs and confidence levels. It is very much child initiated and led – there will always be plenty of resources to support any imagination
    Forest School safety will always be discussed before the start of the session and any activity
  • Stories, songs and games will often be brought in to deepen the learning.
  • A skill, craft or activity will usually be introduced during each session and children will be able to choose whether to get involved in the activity or to pursue another wish
  • Activities & Skills include: Shelter / Den building (natural & with tarpaulins and ropes), fire building and lighting, cooking over a natural fire, rope swings and tree climbing, Flora & Fauna investigation, tool use, woodland crafts and art, mud tree faces, tree painting, mud squelching & puddle splashing, …
  • There will always be time dedicated for the children to reflect upon the session
  • All sessions will be formatively evaluated and action points built into future sessions
  • Feedback to Class Teacher / TA on progress of children and potential follow up points, during and formatively, after the series of sessions